Anna U Davis  paintings consists of grey-scaled abstracted figures called “Frocasians” (an amalgam of Afro and Caucasian.) They are meant to transcend racial divide and are inspired by her interracial relationship. Davis chose the color grey, since grey is a neutral or achromatic color, meaning literally that it is a color "without color." The “Frocasian” characters carry out Davis’ target subject matter, which draws upon a broad range of influences that internalizes her fascination with gender relations, sexuality and other social issues. What started as hard edge acrylic paintings, has evolved into multidimensional work, which incorporates acrylic paint, ink drawing and paper collage. Davis intention is to merge the three mediums into one solid surface, in order to create a painterly, brushlike quality. In 2010 she transformed her grey “Frocasian” figures of her mixed media paintings into starkly black and white drawings, exploring her subject matter primarily through line and form. The black and white drawings became the inspiration for the development of Davis’ wall sculptures called “Black Edge.” “Black Edge” are black and white ink drawings applied onto cut-out plywood, and its contour is defined by its black painted edges. These plywood sculptures, immersed from the idea of deconstructing the common support medium structure, the rectangle. By separating the figures from the picture plane, and installing their cut-out shapes slightly away from the wall, Davis was left with a more fluid creation, which breaks away from traditional structure and form.