Anna U Davis

b. 1975, Sweden


2002 Bachelor Degree of Arts, Studio Art, Summa Cum Laude,

The University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC

1995 Studies in Practical Philosophy, Lund University, Lund, Sweden


2019 TBD, Dacha Loft, Washington DC

Take it Personal - Anna U Davis and Ola Kalnins, Bredgade Kunsthandel, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 Frocasian: Moving Beyond Social Constructs, Artist Proof, Washington DC

Damsels in Distress, Galerie Myrtis, Baltimore, MD

2017 - 2018 Witnesses, House of Sweden (Embassy of Sweden), Washington DC

2016 Anna U Davis - Going Big @ Dacha, Dacha Loft, Washington DC

2012 Pop-up, Gallery at Bloombars, Washington, DC

2011 A Work in Progress, Wip Gallery at Artisphere, Arlington, VA

2010 The Dance before the Kill, Long View Gallery, Washington, DC

2009 Bull’s-Eye, Long View Gallery, Washington, DC

2008 New Work, Hillyer Art Space, Washington, DC

2006 Sashimi Me, Studio One Eight, Washington, DC

2004 Frocasians, Gallery Neptune, Bethesda, MD

2003 New Work, Aroma, Washington, DC

2002 Untitled, Gallery 42, Washington, DC


2019 Where Have We Been, Center for the Arts Gallery, Towson University, Towson, MD, curated by

Dr Erin Lehman and Dr. J. Susan Isaacs

Building Bridges: The Politics of Love, Identity and Race II, Galeria Carmen Montilla, Havana

Biennial, Havana, Cuba

2018 Entitled, 3rd Floor Gallery, Washington DC, curated by Molly Ruppert

More or Less, Hemphill, Washington DC

2017 Oh Say, Can You See? Emigre Artist In America, Charles Krause / Reporting Fine

Art, Washington DC

One Year Later, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Hyattsville, MD

2016 Consumption: Food as Paradox, Galerie Myrtis, Baltimore, MD

Arts and Humanities Fellowship Program Visual Arts Exhibition, I Street

Galleries, Washington, DC

2015 AFP2016 Visual Arts Exhibition, I Street Galleries, Washington, DC

These Mirrors Are Not Boxes, VisArts, Rockville, MD, curated by Kayleigh N.


Pulse15, Hillyer Art Space, Washington, DC

2014 Emergence: International Artist to Watch, Galerie Myrtis, Baltimore, MD,

curated by Sharon Burton, Robert Devereux, Deana Haggag, and Makgati


2015 Artist Fellowship Program Visual Arts Applicant Exhibition, 200 I (Eye)

Street Gallery, Washington, DC

Untitled, Gallery OneTwentyEight, New York, NY

Art Crimes, The Dunes, Washington, DC

2013 Holiday Popsicle, Gallery OneTwentyEight, New York, NY, curated by Kazuko


Crowns, The Fridge, Washington, DC, curated by Zoma Wallace

Fear Strikes Back, Fine Art Gallery, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, curated by

Helen Fredericks

Art Romp, Anacostia Art Center, Washington DC, curated by Molly Ruppert

Fear Strikes Back, DCAC, Washington, DC, curated by Helen Fredericks

The Gun Show, The Dunes, Washington, DC

The Newtown Projects: A Call to Arms, Charles Krause/ Reporting Fine

Art, Washington, DC

2012 ARTpocalypse, The Dunes, Washington DC, curated by Dana Ellyn

Companion, 39 Street Gallery, Brentwood, MD

Artist Fellowship, I Street Gallery, Washington, DC

Untitled No.3, Randall Scott Projects, Washington, DC

Anniversary Exhibition, Hillyer Art Space, Washington, DC

Zeitgeist III: Too Much Information, District of Columbia Art Center,

Washington, DC

Tight Fit, The Dunes, Washington, DC

2010 Synergy, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Party Crashers: Comic Book Culture Invades the Art World, Terrace Gallery at Artisphere,

Arlington, VA, curated by Cynthia Connolly

11 x 51: 2011 Artist Fellowship Program, The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts

Gallery at Smith Farm Center, Washington, DC

Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation presents THE ARTISAN SERIES, International Visions,

Washington, DC

2009 What’s Important Now?, Nevin Kelly Gallery, Washington, DC

Stimulus, Nevin Kelly Gallery, Washington, DC, curated by Nevin Kelly

Life Essentials, Art Whino, National Harbor, MD

2008 20 x 20, Art17, Washington, DC, curated by Sondra N. Arkin

Under Surveillance, Nevin Kelly Gallery, Washington, DC, curated by Sondra N. Arkin and

Ellyn Weiss

Peace Now!, Warehouse Gallery, Washington, DC

DC Green heArt Exhibit, Lofts 11, Washington, DC

Rapture, Ecstasy & Bliss, BFC Studio B, Washington, DC

2007 Artist Collaboration, Art Whino, Alexandria, VA

Art in Heat, Warehouse Gallery, Washington, DC, curated by Scott Brooks and Jared Davis

Urbanity, Randall Scott Gallery, Washington, DC

2006 Art of War, Studio One Eight, Washington, DC

Stretched Tight, Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA, curated by Jack Rasmussen

Cupidity, Gallery Neptune, Bethesda, MD

2005 YWCA Voices Art Exhibit, Edison Place Gallery, Washington, DC, curated by Cristena


1460 Wall Mountables, District of Columbia Arts Center, Washington, DC

2004 TFAC @ 30: A Juror’s Choice, Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA,

curated by Hester Stinnett, Dean of Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia

The Influences of Curious George, Gallery Neptune, Bethesda, MD Torpedo Factory Art Center

Members Show, Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA

2003 ART/Silver; 25 Years of art from the University of the District of

Columbia, Martin Luther King, JR Library, Washington, DC

2000 International Expressions, Watermark Gallery, Baltimore, MD Curated by Manzar


International Artist Support Group; Spring around the world, Courtyard Galleries, Baltimore City

Hall, Baltimore, MD

Under the Influence: Manon Cleary and Her Student- A Retrospective, Rockville Arts Place,

Rockville, MD

ArtTromp, The Warehouse Gallery, Washington, DC


2019 DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Projects Events and Festivals


2018 The Influence Nation Summit, National Geographic Society, Washington DC


Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, New York, NY

2013 Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation,

Emergency Assistance Grant, New York, NY

2019, 2018, 2017

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Arts and Humanities Fellowship

Program (Individuals), Washington, DC

2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Artist Fellowship

Program, Washington, DC

2011 Live drawing/painting at Wip Gallery at Artisphere, Arlington, VA

2006 DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Young Artist Program, Washington, DC


2018 Artist talk, Damsels in Distress, Galerie Myrtis, Baltimore, MD

Featured Speaker, Vital Voices: 2018 Global Mentoring Walk in Washington, DC,

House of Sweden, Washington DC

2017 Artist talk with Carolina Falkholt, Embassy of Sweden, Washington DC

Artist talk, Road to Recovery, Embassy of Sweden, Washington DC

2016 Artist talk, Galerie Myrtis, Baltimore, MD

2011 Artist talk, Artisphere, Rosslyn, VA

2006 Artist talk, Studio One Eight, Washington, DC


Dorothy Lichtenstein, New York (NY) / Southampton (NY)

David Lichtenstein and Jennifer Moore, Berkeley (CA)

Permanent Collection, DC Government Art Bank, Washington, DC

Dacha Loft, Washington, DC

House on the Hill Studio, Lilla Uppåkra, Sweden

The University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC

American Humanistic Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership, Washington, DC

GCH Endowment to Promote Quality Early Childhood Education, Washington, DC

Madam’s Organ, Washington, DC

Spyken, Lund, Sweden

Richard Gould and Lena Skanby, Bethesda (MD)

Brenda and Steffen Jacobsen, Washington DC

Sandra Taylor, Washington DC / San Francisco (CA)

Steffen and Brenda Jacobsen, Chicago (IL)

David Furchgott and Fetneh Askari Fleischmann, Washington DC

William Waybourn, Long View Gallery, Washington DC



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2017 - Hillyer Art Space Advisory Board

2013 28th Mayor’s Art Award judge panelist - DC Commission on the Arts and

Humanities, Washington, DC

Member of the National Museum of Women in the Arts